Considerations when choosing a tent

Jul 16, 2018

Choosing a lightweight tent - The tents we sell are the lightest in class but there's still a massive choice and sometimes bewildering array of things to consider - so we've set out our view on the main ones which should give you some food for thought.
Quoted weights - Manufacturers quote a wide range of weights for their tents, and some of them are inaccurate! To cut through this we have our own system to make it easier to compare between the tents that we sell. We weigh each tent ourselves and quote the weight of the tent without any tentbags or pegs. The reason we exclude the bags is that you don't need them, and the reason we exclude the pegs is that you could buy lighter ones if the tent comes with heavy versions.

For most tents this means that we weigh the inner tent, the flysheet and the poles - and this is the weight that we quote. In the case of single skin tents there is only the tent and poles to weigh, and in the case of trekking pole tents we only weigh the tent itself.

Aspects to consider
  • 3 season versus 4 season - 4 season tents are stronger but do you really need the extra weight?..READ MORE..
  • Structure; Geodesic versus Tunnel, Teepee style and Trekking pole tents - whats the difference? ..READ MORE..
  • Mesh inner versus Fabric inner - Mesh is cooler but breezy, fabric can be claustrophobic ..READ MORE..
  • Single skin versus Two skin - condensation is the problem but is it really that bad?..READ MORE..
  • Free standing versus Pitch only - if you can't get your pegs in you're stuffed, aren't you? ..READ MORE..
  • Flysheet pitch first versus Inner pitch first - you have to be fast pitching your tent in the rain - unless its fly first ..READ MORE..
  • Fabric Denier and Hydrostatic Head - key attributes of your tent fabric but how important are they? ..READ MORE...

Common features
  • 2 entrances - for two people or more these can make life a lot easier...READ MORE..
  • Extended porch - good for dogs, sometimes bikes and getting wet gear off...READ MORE..
  • Extended head height - the quoted head height is one thing but look at design...READ MORE..
  • Additional guypoints - can be essential if windy weather is expected...READ MORE..
  • Fast fly pitching - a superlight pitching alternative on some tents...READ MORE..
  • Pockets, lofts and storage - difficult to live without some storage in your tent...READ MORE..

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